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A Sharp Knife is worth it's weight in Gold!!!

Updated: Jan 31

What's with the Knife??

The Hiking and Camping Trips I've been on have always had some reason for a good knife whether it be making a tent stake, a hot dog roasting stick, or cutting a piece of food. The Knife is the most non talked about Hiking/Camping item there is.

If I had to survive and was only given one item I would choose a Sharp Knife. There are those who would choose other things and would make it just fine I'm sure but for me, a Sharp Knife can not be beaten. It does have to be a large Knife, it's better if it's a medium lock blade pocket knife. Yes, there are many tools that would be just as good and some even come together all in one BIG tool. And they do have a place in my Hiking Bag (if there's room but not if it's a long Hike or if it makes my pack heavier).

When choosing a Knife choose the one you will use if it's too big or too little then you won't use it and there is no need to carry one. Also don't cheap out. There are very fashionable and pretty-looking knives but that does matter if it falls apart when you use them.

Go check out they have a lot of information on types of steel and what the different types mean for the sharpness, toughness, etc. The right one for me maybe the wrong one for you. Always find the right fit and weight for you and your Trails through life.

My favorite as of late is a Buck Knives 841 Sprint Pro they are a bit high on price but you can also go to the BUCK Knifes and check them out. I don't know if they will clean a deer but soap and water might, maybe a nice conditioner if their skin is dry 🤣 as for skinning deer it probably would work but not the best choice for that.

This knife is tough, holds an edge, and is only 3-4 oz and that's what works for me.

Hope this helps and try not to cut yourself.

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