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Updated: Jan 31


If you know these little devils then you know they are not something you want to know or ever want to get into. The problem seems to be they like skin and since most things like their skin there in lies the problem. To think that CHIGGERS are after your blood is a misconception. They want you as a host and your sweet sweet skin is what they seek.

But lets get serious and dive into these little MITES since they want to dive into us.

The CHIGGER ( as I have always know it) is a Mite and is in the Trombiculidae family. The Mite life cycle can vary from 2 to 12 months. The Larva stage of the MITES life is what bites your skin. They move quickly relative to size, congregate in groups because why not (little a**holes) and like to hang out anywhere they have more access to prospective host. During the wet season, Chiggers are usually found in tall grass and other vegetation. During dry seasons they are mostly found underneath brush and shady areas. Standing still, walking or lying in tall grass gives them more time to climb onto you. So there's that information and you can always check into it more if you want to know all about CHIGGERS. I am going to move on to what to do after you get done Hiking or when you get back to your Tent and you have them.

Stop before the Start....

When you feel it, you start to question, is this a tick or mosquito bite but then the last thing you want to think pops into your mind is it a CHIGGER? Well that is the start but I want to suggest, if you can, to stop them from ever getting started. These are just my best ideas and they have worked for me. Now staying inside is always an option but who wants to do that? So tuck, tuck, tuck, that is to say before you start out on a Hiking Trail Near You tuck your socks into your Hiking Boots, tuck your shirt into your pants and and wear long sleeves. The Chigger loves warm places to pierce the skin so at the top of you sock, at the undergarment bands, the back of the knee, and the groin area ( if they can get to that area) seems to be their favorite. If you are one of those that plan ahead then you can spray some insecticide on your clothes before you put them on but please be careful this could also make you have an allergic reaction. Permethrin is a go to for most but remember it's an Insecticide so it has hazards that come with using it. Now Pyrethrin is a natural insecticide but still has hazards, So I have included some links and there are so many more that you can check out, so if this is what you want do please check them out and take care of you. When you think that you have been in an area that may have Chiggers then wash everything, take a cold as you can handle shower and wash any clothes, towels, blankets, sheets, scarfs and hat, that you may have wore that day in hot water.

Stop the Itch...

Now the time has come to talk about stopping the itch. It usually take 1 to 2 weeks for the bite to stop itching and you can always let it run it's course naturally. If like me you can't do that then anti-itch creams and antihistamine are good. Camphor oil (Vicks Vapo rub) is good to help with the itch but may irritate your skin if you have sensitive skin. Now this may sound funny to hear but Hemorrhoid and varicose vein creams have worked great for this but they are a bit more costly. The creams are made to relieve pain, swelling and itching so they do work and are they are great for sensitive skin also.

As always take care of you and Have Fun you crazy kids.

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