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Centipede Demon Water Shoes for Mens Womens Quick Dry Aqua Barefoot Beach Swim Surf Diving Shoe

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Order yours today!!!

Shop Amazon today!!!

They are surprisingly very comfy & cute. I tried them because they were a gift from a friend. I only hiked a mile into the river and then about a mile and a half out at the end of our float and they worked great. The insole doesn't tend to pop out or stick to the bottom of your foot when you take them off like most swim shoes and they did dry pretty fast so there was no problem with storing them in my Hiking Bag. The reason the friend gave them to me was they run a bit big and she didn't like the fit, So you may need to order a smaller size. There are many other swim shoes/socks but I have only tried these and one pair of tennis shoes, these were better because they didn't let all the rocks and sand in.

Shop Amazon today!!!

Shop Amazon today!!!

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