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Even Han didn't go Solo--Group Hikes

Updated: Jan 31

Normally people think of hiking as a past time you enjoy by yourself. If want you to get in to hiking and are not sure where to start you may want to check out Group Hikes. If you have been Hiking Solo this may be a way to see new wonders on Trails you have Hiked.

The great thing about Group Hikes for beginners is you have a bit of a safety net. If as a beginner you don't get all the right gear there's usually someone in the group that can help and you may have something a group member may not have thought to bring. We have went on many group hikes and sometimes the person new to hiking brings something that we had over looked as being good to have handy. We are really like to learning so that may make a difference. We have been on Group Hikes where there was some know-it-alls and that's one of the down falls of Group Hikes but for the most part the Group Hikes were great fun and really educational. For a seasoned Hikers Group Hikes are a way to see a Trail or area that you hiked before from someone else's perspective and get to enjoy the trail in a new way.

My first Hikes were Solo-Hikes. I took everything I could and then had to unpack it, unused, because I didn't need it on the Hike. I love Solo-Hikes but they have their pros and cons. That's why for new Hikers a Group Hike can be the most fun.

I know there are lots of reasons not to Group Hike. First and foremost for new hikers is the self questioning, "Will I be the slow one? Will they look at me as a dummy?" and all that self doubt needs to stop. I am not the best to give advice, I am the one that would crash right in and probably not even notice if they thought anything but our last group hike there was a girl that worried about that and after a little time with the group we got her to stop worrying and at the end she said she had really enjoyed the Hike and the group. So my suggestion would be try some short hikes and see if someone or a couple of someones and you are liked minded and would like to make a group and then the next short hike, you and your new hiking friends could see if more like minded folks would like to group hike. OH!!! that sounds like I just told you how to start a cult.... AHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!! Anyway I told you I'm not good at social graces.

For seasoned hikers it maybe easier but the short hike, AKA start a cult, mention above is always a great way then you're not stuck on a thru hike with people that are nothing like you or your hiking style.

The best is to be aware of microaggressions and group dynamics not every group hike is for every hiker. Learn if the group wants to move as a group or if "in sight" rules are what the group uses. I can say the best Group Hike I have been on was one that everyone understood and agreed that it was not a race and that made for the best time and one of the best Group Hikes I have taken.

Now get out there your crazy kids and try a Group Hike!!!

(please don't start a cult)😂🤣😂🤣😂😅

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