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Get into Hiking and Camping!!! Love being Outside.

Updated: May 14, 2022

Most beginners ask how to get started Hiking or what it takes to get started Camping?

Hiking and Camping can be very enjoyable but if you are not sure of an area and just head out, there could be many things that make you say, "I am never doing that again". So always start with what you like. If you enjoy a nice walk around a city park, the sidewalks, the cut grass, having friends over for a cookout in the backyard but don't enjoy the little critters and the itchy ivies or taking Tents, pots, pans, blankets, and all that comes with Off-Trail Hiking and Camping, urban Hiking and home cookouts are a great way to love being outside. If you're someone that loves all that big Hike, big Camp kind of Outdoor Adventure there are many great choices for both.

My best suggestion is to:

1) Know you (don't lie be really real with yourself)

2) Prepare

3) If you pack it in then pack it out.

4) Most of all be kind to yourself (don't do more than you can) and be kind to the Trails, Campsites and Nature.

This is just my opinion.

There are many great books and websites you can check out. They will tell you all kinds of different rules, ways to pack, what to take and how to treat other people. For me, I like to think most people really know whether they want to be fashionable on the city walking trails or love going on the big Hike to the remote Campsite and don't even take a hairbrush. And if you don't know how to treat other people then all I can say is learn THE GOLDEN RULE.

We will do our best to help you find the best products for any HIKING or CAMPING you want.

Drop us an email if you know of a product we need to check out. Thanks, be safe and as always HAVE FUN you crazy kids on all the Trail Near or far!!!

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