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HAWATOUR Portable Elastic Travel Clothesline

Order Today on Amazon and get Drying!!

This travel Clothesline was a after-though purchase meaning I wasn't sure I would use it but I was so glad I did by the end of our trip. The reviews were mixed but mostly good and I have to agree. The many things we used this Travel Clothesline for from drying clothes to hanging a shade over the less than useful curtain on our hotel room. The stoppers between the hooks were great for keeping the clothes from sliding together. We took some Carabiner Clips and pretty much made any thing a great place to hang the Clothesline. If you Camp, Travel or RV this little buy can do some much for you. At the Campsite, RV park and even the laundry room at your house you will not regret buying it. You may just have wished you ordered 2.

Order on Amazon Today!!!

Happy Travels and dry clothes make for a Happy Camper!!!

Have fun stay dry and be good outdoors.

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