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Updated: May 14, 2022

When it comes to Life you need water!! When it comes to Hiking and Camping the trick is how to carry, pack or have enough available.

When Hiking, carrying a Water Bottle or a Water Filtration device is the only way to have it handy. There are many really great choices on the market and they are getting better all the time.

HYDRO FLASK and KLEAN KANTEEN have many great reviews and seem to top the market for Hiking Water bottles. As for Camping, you have more choices just because you can take more and it doesn't have to be as portable. RELIANCE PRODUCTS and SCEPTER seem to be the leaders in Camping Water Containers. The Scepter is a bit on the pricey side for my liking but it does have its pros.

With the many choices out there you will have to know what you need or how much is necessary.

The best science can determine is that an average adult human needs 32oz a day to survive but that's their best guess and a guess it is, it has too many factors to nail it down precisely. So at any given time just have a least double that (1/2 a gallon) for each person a day to drink. I usually figure on 2 gallons for each person for just drinking.

Now for washing and all other water needs, you will have to plan your trip and your needs. I like this homemade wet wipes recipe to save a bit of water.

Sandwich and chips put less of a strain on your need to wash dishes or make trash from paper plates but sandwiches do get a bit uninteresting after a few days. As for personal hygiene not only does it depends on where you Hike or Camp it also depends on how much you're comfortable with or without doing.

The best is above all else plan the water on your Hiking or Camping Trip that way you at least know you'll survive.

Go outside, stay Hydrated and have fun!!

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