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Eddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro Pants

Oder Today from Amazon..

I have been looking for Hiking Pants that where not cut for someone that had a straight build. Slim or wide was not the problem it's just the curve. I have thighs and a rear-end not much but more than at 17 year old boy and that's how most Hiking Pants are cut but these Eddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro Pants fit great. Now if you are a Lady Hiker that has a straight build theses may not be for you.

The fabric is durable and does have stretch not as much as other pants but it had enough to wear my thermals underneath and still have good movement.

There are over 2000 reviews and some did not like the fit, so just know they may not work for your body type, as for me, I am tickled pink Eddie Bauer realized Women go Outdoors also and like to have a quality well fitting pair of pants.

Order Now!!!

On Amazon.

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