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Poison Ivy, WHY nature WHY???

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

When it come to the great Hiking, Camping or any Outdoor trip there are so many things that can and sometimes seems like their out to totally wreck your fun. I know "BECOME ONE WITH ALL" but until we do let's try to find help from the POISON Ivies and bushes that I know are only defending their self but COME ON MAN !!!!, those Rashes are too much.

So let's keep it simple.

Yes, there are many claims by many products and please try them. These are my suggestions from many years of Loving the Outdoors but sometimes not so sure if the Outdoors feels the same for me. I'm not a doctor I only have sensitive skin and I'm VERY VERY allergic to Poison Ivy. So don't try any of these if you know you are allergic to the suggested items..

Let's start. The best thing is to know and be able to identify the plant it's self.

It may look like a harmless little guy but anyone that's allergic knows that this is one of natures best sneak attack ninjas and if you have ever have the great opportunity to get this and chiggers ( more on these little devils later) on the same trip you know these two Nature Ninjas could bring a mighty warrior to his knees or at the very least have him itching his own skin off for some relief.

When it comes to fighting the Ivy the best thing is to take a bath as soon as you can and wash with an oil removing soap ( DAWN dish soap has always worked the best for me). If you got into Poison Ivy and didn't realize it and you do break out, the doctor will call it eruptions, then the battle gets real. I have found that if you can leave it alone it will run it's course for 7-10 days, yeah and you will be my hero. Now, if that's not an option the many cream and pills can help and I will not tell anyone not to try what works for them. As for me when the rash appears it's best to wash with DAWN dish soap, pat dry and apply Ban roll-on liberally and let air dry. If you start to itch you can always take an antihistamine, just be ready for when it wears off it will feel as if it's ten times more itchy. You can try anything that dries the skin to keep the oil from running and spreading the rash farther. The active ingredient in Ban is Aluminium sulfate so know that before apply it's going to dry your skin.

Now if your a natural remedy user you can use Jewel weed. If you can find and identify it correctly, please don't rub something on you that may make you have more allergic reactions.

Jewel Weed

The picture may help identify. Just crush some in your hand and get the oils from it and rub it on the area you think you may have got into Poison Ivy or pick a bunch and stick it in your Hiking Bag for later use.

Jewel Weed usually grows close to Poison Ivy or near stream banks it grows in large clumps and has orange and yellow flowers.

Jewel Weed and Poison Ivy do have a similar leaf shape but always look at how the leaf grows from the branch and always remember LEAFS OF THREE LET IT BE!!!!!

Happy Hiking and stay RASH FREE you crazy kids!!!!

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