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Salewa Men's Mountain Trainer Mid GTX Alpine Trekking Boot!!

Order yours Today from Amazon!!!

With over 1000 reviews these boots have many users and you should be able to see if they will work for your needs. As for me they were super awesome perfect for our 35 mile Through Hike with a 25 lb pack these boots are by no way for a Hiker on a budget. There are other great boots for budget lite hiking. We were going on a Hike that was very steep and rough so I chose these and was not disappointed. There are reviews that say they run a bit narrow and made me size up which with my thicker Hiking Sock I was very happy that I was the only one with no blisters on my toes. Just know you will pay more for these boots but less for the bandages and salve to repair your feet😁😉.

Order yours Today from Amazon!!!

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