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Socks, Shoes, Blisters and Toe nails!!!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

When it comes to Hiking, the Feet can take you to many places but if you don't have the right shoe/sock combination the Blisters and the toe nail casualties of this unholy union will have your feet waving the white flag of surrender.

So when it comes to socks, shoes and hikes do your best to find the shoe that fits snug but not tight, socks that cause the least abrasion against your foot and your shoe. Never pull your sock all the way tight against your toes, it should be pulled up against your toes but not so much it's going to cause an up and down tug on your toe nails. I am going to mention it here but hopefully you know, clip your toe nails, just make sure you don't clip them to short.

There are many different socks and sock liners and many different Hiking Shoes and Hiking Boots. The time you put into finding the right shoe/sock combination will help keep your feet Blister free and keep your Toe Nails from falling off or hurting for the next week or more.

Always take some mole skin or duct tape. If you do feel a Blister starting you can put either of these on it and it will give you some protection. If your Toe Nails start to hurt or your toes start throbbing you will have to take a rest and remove your socks and shoes. You can try lacing your boot differently, it may sound funny but there are ways to lace your boot/shoe for different kinds of Hiking. The Toe Relief Lace Up works the best to ease toe pain. You just unlace you boot all the way and then start to lace it back skipping the first hole or two, most of the time just skipping the first one works.

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