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To Pop or not to Pop???

Blisters that is. When it comes to Hiking the one sure thing that can ruin a perfectly wonderful day on the Trail is that little bubble of fluid trapped in the top layers of skin better known as a BLISTER!!!

But back to our question to pop or not to pop? Most times if it can be left it's better not to pop. It will heal faster if left alone and kept clean and dry, but if you are on the Hiking Trail and there is no way to take your Hiking Boots off to stop the fiction that is the cause then it may have to be popped to stop the throbbing and to get a cover on it so you can finish your Hike.

Now if you can stop the Blister before it starts that would be best. There are some great ways.

  • Wear Water Wicking Socks to keep feet dry

  • Use some Petroleum Jelly on your feet before you start your Hike.

  • Proper fitting Hiking Boots

  • Stop and adjust as soon as there seems to be a bit of a rub.

  • MoleSkin ( if after a blister cut a hole in the moleskin just bigger than the blister and place around the blister then put a piece of padding or cotton ball on top of blister and then place a larger loose-fitting bandage over both cotton and the moleskin, it works!!!)

  • Powder your feet and repeat as often as you can, to keep feet dry

If you do pop the blister make sure the popping tool and your hands are clean and do not cut the skin off. Drain the fluid and leave the skin intact as much as possible. Later you can inspect and decide if the skin needs to be removed or see your doctor but at the time it's best to leave it to protect the area that has suffered the fiction.

So to pop or not to pop is only answered on a case-by-case basis. The best is to keep your feet dry, stop any friction or rubbing, and bandages on hand just in case.

Now if you have diabetes or poor circulation please see a doctor as soon as you can to prevent an infection.

Now go on that Hike you crazy kids and hopefully be Blister-free!!!

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