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What a good Hiking Bag should have in it!!!

Updated: Jan 31

We all know the lists but here are some things they forget and some they have mentioned.

When it comes to packing a Hiking or Camping Bag there are a few things that matter and some that are just nice to have. I will list the things that matter in my bag and then the things that are nice to have in no particular order. These lists are only for the Hiking/Camping Bag not for your whole trip. Never overload your Hiking Bag.

The Must Have:

  1. Extra Socks

  2. Toilet paper/ sanitary napkins

  3. Bandana ( yes, the old school BANDANA)

  4. Snacks and a portable water purifier

  5. Some duct tape

  6. Firestarter ( Magnesium bar w/ striker)

  7. Emergency Poncho/ recuse blanket

  8. Really sharp pocket knife

The Nice to have:

  1. All items mentioned above!!

  2. Lighter

  3. Small Camp stove & fuel

  4. Nice clean full of water, water bottles

  5. Trekking poles

  6. pair of swim shoes/flip flops

  7. Camera/phone

  8. Sunscreen

Anyway that's my have must and nice to have lists you can check all the items on Amazon just click any picture or link on my page and that will take you to Amazon.

Thanks for reading now go outside and have some fun!!! See you next time.

If you are still here and wondering about the sanitary napkins. They work well on deep wounds. I am sure there are other products but they are readily available and good fire tender if need be.

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