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Yay!! Fall Y'all. Hiking is great and colorful.

Hiking and Camping in the fall is one of the best times to Hike and Camp, Oh who am I kidding anytime is a good time to Hike or Camp. If you can get out only one time of the year make it in the fall. The best is to start your fall Hiking/Camping season in the north in late August and then work your way down to the south through late October early November. The colors and weather are usually the best for Hiking and Camping during those times. It makes for great views and fun without getting to hot or cold. Some northern states and Canada do have bugs that can be a bit much but a good bug spray does keep them at bay . The weather for Camping is very close to perfect for setting around a warm Campfire and have some hot cocoa. Hiking in the mid-south for the tree changes should be at peak in late September early October and they can be breath taking. The only thing that changes in your Hiking Bag is you might want to take a hat and something to cover your ears in case the weather changes. All in all if you check the forecast the day of your Hike you should be more than prepared. As always have fun and know your limits.

Go have some Great Fall Hiking and Camping.

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